Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It was a great week and I am so grateful for all the members who are helping us with the work!

We have some non member friends that we tracked into when I very first got to Arlington, and they fed us dinner Monday night! It was a lot of fun! We're moving slow with them, but hopefully they will be touched by the spirit and come around eventually!

On Wednesday, our Sister Training Leaders came and studied with us! They always come for a study session with new missionaries, and since it was Wednesday, they came with us to district meeting too. That was so much fun! I love having my trainer as my sister training leader now and getting to see her so much. Sister Ludvigson was also trained by Sister Wikstrom, and we're in the same district, so we were a big happy family with all of us Mommas and Babies! (trainers and trainees)

Thursday was such a good day! We have a goal of getting 1s in all our key indicators every day so at the end of the week, we have 7s in everything. It's been hard and we've had to work super hard to make it happen, but Thursday, we got all 1s and a 2! Never has that happened on my mission. I've had super high numbers before, but never something of everything so that was super cool! And we had 5 different members come with us that day. Thank you for all the members helping us spread the gospel!

Friday we volunteered at the food bank again! Then we weekly planned, then went to work! And we had another great day teaching and finding!

Saturday we found a new investigator, Tony, and he accepted a baptism date after our first lesson! Then Sunday, he came to church! He has several addictions we're going to have to help him overcome, but great things are in store for Tony and we are excited for him!

Sunday we went up to Bellingham with our bishop and one of our investigators for a Fireside! That was the farthest north in the mission I've been, and it is so beautiful! Firesides are the best! Missions are the best. This gospel is the best!

Love, Sister Tennant
Happy family!

April 25th was a big day for the both of us

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