Saturday, May 9, 2015

What a crazy week it has been!

On Tuesday, we were street contacting downtown, and we had 5 minutes left, and we thought of just leaving early, but we felt impressed to make one more half a lap around the square. We came up to this man sitting at the bus stop and we started talking to him, and we taught him the first lesson. At the end of it, we invited him to be baptized and he said yes! He came to church yesterday and we have a lesson with him tonight so great things are in store for Steven.

And what adds to that miracle is that while we were talking to him, another man came up and was just hovering around us smiling, and we couldn't tell if he was mocking us or listening in. Finally, he interrupted and said he just had to stop and tell us how inspirational we are. How great it is that there are such good people out there who teach about Christ. He even started crying because he was so touched! We got his number too so we're going to start teaching him soon!

Thursday was crazy because we have this part of our area which is a million miles away so it's hard to get to with limited miles. And it was the end of the month, so we really were running low. But we felt we needed to be there. We got part way down there, and there was a giant cement block just barely in the road, but too far to get by. So we had to go all the way out and around, using up more miles. We were pretty frustrated, and by the end of the night, we were walking since we couldn't use the car anymore. But Heavenly Father always provides a way and things worked out!

Friday was the food bank, then we taught Steven again!
We are also moving apartments, and the ones we are moving in to is owned by members of our ward, so we've been helping clean it up and get it ready for us. We're 4 packing with the Stillaguamish sisters so it will be a lot of fun! But the people who lived there before us were nasty. Layers of mold and hair covering the bathrooms, washing machine, fridge, stove, etc. Us 4, our district leader and companion, zone leaders, and other nearby missionaries have been helping clean it, so it will be great once it's already!

It has certainly been a week of adventures but I love being a missionary so much! There is no place I would rather be.

Sister Tennant
Trying to push this stumblingblock out of the road to our happiness

Working on the Apartment

Nasty Shower!


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