Monday, December 14, 2015

The big news of the week, my new leadership assignments! I am going to be a sister training leader and a trainer! That is practically unheard of here, and it's only been done 1 other time. And I just found out I'm being transferred tomorrow so I'll be whitewashing too! What a way to start off my last transfer haha. It'll be good and I am super excited for all that is in store here!

In other news, we had a great lesson with our investigators Rachael and Zack, this cute young couple we tracted into. We had 2 ladies in the ward come with us and they were the perfect Mom figure to Zack and Rachael. We've been trying to get them to come to church for a couple weeks now but for whatever reason they weren't able to come. But last week they were there and they LOVED it! Rachael is more outgoing and talked to practically everyone and Zack is more reserved but still seemed to enjoy it. After church we showed them the baptism font and they are on date for January 23rd! They're going out of town for 2 weeks but Rachael asked that we help her get in contact with the missionaries where they're going since she "doesn't want to miss out" while they're gone. They are amazing and we are so excited for them!

I hope everyone is loving this Christmas season drinking hot chocolate and eating candy canes!

Love you all!
Sister Tennant


Monday, December 7, 2015

And it's December which means it's officially Christmas season, the best time of the year!!!

Last Monday we got to decorate cookies with a member! Their decorating skills go way above and beyond what I am used to. I tried to get all fancy but ended up resorting back to the usual frosting and some sprinkles.

Friday Elder Johnson of the Seventy came to visit! We met with the whole north half of the mission and learned from him. He talked for a long time and at the end gave us a really cool invitation. He said, "Even if you've done it before, I want everyone, in their nightly prayers to ask Heavenly Father these specific and direct questions:
1) Are you really there listening right now?
2) Is it true that you have a body of flesh and bones?
3) Do you know I really exist/ Do you know me personally?
4) Am I really your daughter/son? Are you really my Father?
5) Do you love me?"
And he promised that our lives would change. Heavenly Father loves each one of us so much and I want to leave everyone with the same invitation. Tonight before bed, ask God these questions and you will feel His love so powerfully for you individually.

And Saturday was the Anacortes Christmas Parade! Our ward made a float for the primary kids to dress up and walk with and it was all A Savior Is Born themed, but since it was so windy and rainy, they decided not to participate. But us and the Anacortes elders, and 2 set of sisters from Mt Vernon came over and we decided to walk anyways! We had a ton of our cards with our number and the link and we split up and handed out as many as we could. We passed out hundreds of them and it was such a neat experience! Miracles will happen, I'm sure of it!

And I hope everyone got to watch the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional last night! If not, it's on! I especially loved Sister Burton and Elder Bednar's talks!

Have a great week!
Sister Tennant
We decorated cookies last Monday!

We raked leaves for a lady in the ward! Who knew it took forever to bag them up? I thought the raking was the slow part!

Ward Christmas Party

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It was a week of miracles!!

We've have very few people to teach the last several weeks, despite our hard work and constant efforts, but Tuesday, we found THREE new investigators! We'd been tracting a few weeks earlier and were finally able to meet with this couple who invited us back. We had a member with us and the Spirit was so strong as we taught the Restoration. At the end, the wife said a kneeling prayer, and they both accepted a baptism date!!
Then we were tracting later that day, and a girl waved at us from the window and invited us right in and we taught her! Hallelujah!

We got 2 other investigators later in the week totaling FIVE this week!

Wednesday was interviews and it's always good to see the Bonhams! I told President how I plan on going home NEXT November and he said, "Sister Tennant, you not going home now would be just as bad as if you'd never come." Bah. I just want to be a full time missionary forever!

Thanksgiving was great with our ward mission leader! I am so thankful for my family and for this gospel, and that I get to serve and teach people about Heavenly Father, and so many more things He has blessed me with.

Saturday we were on exchanges! I was here with Sister Lundeen! We plan to be companions one day :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Sister Tennant
Thanksgiving. Dumb ear sticking out
Kinda hard to see, but beautiful sunset! The orange highlight over the mountains was beautiful!

Sunset and exchanges with Sister Lundeen! One of the best exchanges of my mission :)