Thursday, February 26, 2015

What a week it has been.

First off, I found out I'M TRAINING, second, I found out I'm WHITEWASH TRAINING.

Monday was Sister Lawson's last P day so we played volleyball at the stake center with some other missionaries and members of our ward. Then for FHE we had a talent show and a less active man (not YSA but we're still working with him a little) came and performed on the piano. He's pretty fantastic so it was cool to have him there.

Tuesday we had dinner with the two of our favorite families in the whole wide world and we took a big family picture with them! We love the Duces and the Danhofs and they have each made such an impact in my life.

Thursday, all the missionaries going home had a big conference. Usually they just have individual interviews with President, but since there's 32 of them (which is a huge massive group) they all met together. So I was on exchanges in Stillaguamish, and we exchanged back after the conference. So that was an emotional day.

We also got to help some sisters who were struggling, and we took them on a drive and just sat and talked with them overlooking Lake Stevens. So. Beautiful. And they are doing much better now!

Friday we worked at the Marysville Food Bank and a miracle happened! My recent convert, Amy, in Everett, moved out to Marysville the week after she was baptized and we lost contact with her since she didn't have a reliable phone and we couldn't get her address. I've been worried about and praying for her since she left, trying to find a way to track her down. Then low and behold, her mom walked into the foodbank! I talked to her and found out where Amy is. We were able to go find her Saturday and I gave her a huge hug! I am so thankful we found Amy!

So Thursday nights before transfers, we get "Leadership calls" where you find out if you're going to be a Sister Training Leader/ Trainer, etc. I've had this feeling for the past 3 months that as soon as Sister Lawson and I were done being companions, I was going to train. I was so nervous about it. But 10:30 pm came and went and I thought I was safe. But at 11:30 when we were both asleep, we got the call and I am going to be a trainer.

Friday afternoon we went to the mission office for trainer's training, and guess who else was there? Sister Wikstrom! She's training again for her last 12 weeks! We sat next to each other and Sister Lawson was there too so it was cool having them both there together. I love these sisters so much!!

Saturday we spent most of the day packing both of us up since they're closing our area. Since there are so few missionaries after this huge transfer is leaving, so they have to close some areas and spread us all out, so we have to have our apartment spotless.

Sunday was the saddest of days. I found out in ward council that I was giving a talk in sacrament since it was my last Sunday too. Sister Lawson was giving her farewell talk so then they asked me to speak too. After church, we had to say goodbye in the parking lot and we both cried a lot. She will do amazing things and I am so proud of her! She accidentally took the house key, so Sister Solosko and I had to drive down to the mission office to pick it up and I got to see Sister Lawson again for a few minutes! 
That made me happy :)

Now on to finishing packing and preparing for a new area and companion tomorrow!

Love, Sister Tennant

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We had Zone Meeting this week! We went to Arlington Zone, the zone some of our other sisters are in and we got to instruct on Family History! I am so excited for family history and I want everyone to do it!

Thursday was lame though. We've been having car problems so we took it into the dealership and it was only supposed to take an hour/hour and a half but we were there for 4 and half hours instead. Almost read the whole quad. Just kidding but it felt like it. Finally some lady there offered to drop us off somewhere, so we had her take us to our dinner appointment. On the way, we got to teach her the Law of Chastity because she doesn't know what to do about her son, so that was cool. 

Friday since we didn't have our car, we were walking around all day. We walked to the Food Bank and got to serve there! I love going to the food bank- it just makes the day so much better!

That night we had dinner with a member, and the poor guy doesn't cook a lot. He pulled out his frozen chicken we were going to cook with him, and it was 2 years expired. It was so rotten and nasty! So Sister Lawson and I ran to the store and bought some new chicken. The dinner was still super awkward, but it makes for good memories!

Saturday, Jacob got baptized! We've been working with him for a little bit now and he got baptized! He's a re-baptism, when he was 18, his dad made him remove his name. He went way off the path, and now he's come full circle. His testimony is so strong so it is amazing to hear him say it! 

And Sunday was fantastic! It was such a good day at church, and one of our friends from the foodbank came to hear sister Lawson and I teach gospel principles. 

Then we went to the mission fireside, and it was so amazing. The spirit was so incredibly strong, and Sister Wikstrom and Sister Davis were both there! I loved seeing both of them!

Aw man. Good week. Good week.

Love, Sister Tennant

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Monday was great! We had dinner with the one of the members of the Arlington stake presidency who is also our Institute teacher. I live in Marysville and he's on Camano Island which is about an hour away, so he and his daughter came and picked us up. They live way out in the middle of nowhere in the woods it was so beautiful! 

And for FHE, since everyone was so upset about the Seahawks losing, so we just played volleyball the whole time. Sis Lawson played and I just watched. Jacob, our investigator seemed to enjoy it, and he's making more friends in the ward!

Tuesday I had a slight operation on both my feet so we had to go down to Seattle. We left Marysville at 2 and didn't get back until 6:30 so it took up quite a bit of our day. I am doing great though! After we got back to Marysville, Sis Lawson bought me ice cream, then carried me to and from the car and church building for Institute. I just had my big socks on and sat for as much as I could. Thankfully my feet were still numb so it didn't hurt too bad. 

Wednesday though, it had worn off and I was really sore. I got a blessing from my district leader and the other elders in our district, and went back to work! I'm so grateful for the priesthood. Even though it didn't take the pain away, I wasn't upset about it anymore and I was promised I would heal quickly. 
That night we had dinner with another one of our favorite families and that made everything better :)

Thursday was MLC! I love getting to meet with all the other Sister Training Leaders, Zone Leaders, Assistants, and President and Sister Bonham! It was Sis Lawson's last MLC though so that was kinda sad. Lots of tears saying goodbye to some of her favorite people. 

I found a quote a while ago that has made a big impact on me. It says ""Holy Places' may have more to do with how one lives than where one lives. If we live worthy of the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, then we stand in a Holy Place." I know that as we are worthy of the Holy Ghost, we will be able to always stand in holy places and we can create a holy place wherever we are.

Love, Sister Tennant
Super Fans!

President Flake (in the Arlington Stake Presidency) and Sister Flake
Sister Lawson carrying me after the procedure
Sister Solosko (from Flower Mound) and Sister Lyman

Sister Wawro from Denton!

Mu Su Bee- Spam, rice, seaweed. Sis Lawson made it and it's actually really good! I'm kinda scaring myself with all these new foods I actually enjoy...

Gas is $1.99!

This is what happens when you serve in Washington

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Super Bowl and Spiritual Experiences:
It's been a great week! Last Monday it was so sunny and beautiful! It was up the 60s so we put on short and t shirts and hand washed the car. It was so fun!

We went on 2 exchanges this week which was exhausting, but we love our sister so much. I've decided that exchanges really just make you appreciate your companion, even though we love the other sisters. I am so thankful for Sister Lawson and that President Bonham was inspired to put us together :)

Sunday was the Superbowl. Everyone here are superfanatics so I am so glad football season is finally over. Now everyone will come to church on Sundays! We had to come in early to avoid all the drunks. Sad the Seahawks lost though

So I want to hear about everyone's spiritual experiences, and how you see the hand of God throughout their lives! I love hearing about these experiences and I ask that everyone will send them directly to me at I have prayed for more myself, and it's incredible what happens when we recognize the miracles in our lives.

Sister Tennant