Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We had Zone Meeting this week! We went to Arlington Zone, the zone some of our other sisters are in and we got to instruct on Family History! I am so excited for family history and I want everyone to do it!

Thursday was lame though. We've been having car problems so we took it into the dealership and it was only supposed to take an hour/hour and a half but we were there for 4 and half hours instead. Almost read the whole quad. Just kidding but it felt like it. Finally some lady there offered to drop us off somewhere, so we had her take us to our dinner appointment. On the way, we got to teach her the Law of Chastity because she doesn't know what to do about her son, so that was cool. 

Friday since we didn't have our car, we were walking around all day. We walked to the Food Bank and got to serve there! I love going to the food bank- it just makes the day so much better!

That night we had dinner with a member, and the poor guy doesn't cook a lot. He pulled out his frozen chicken we were going to cook with him, and it was 2 years expired. It was so rotten and nasty! So Sister Lawson and I ran to the store and bought some new chicken. The dinner was still super awkward, but it makes for good memories!

Saturday, Jacob got baptized! We've been working with him for a little bit now and he got baptized! He's a re-baptism, when he was 18, his dad made him remove his name. He went way off the path, and now he's come full circle. His testimony is so strong so it is amazing to hear him say it! 

And Sunday was fantastic! It was such a good day at church, and one of our friends from the foodbank came to hear sister Lawson and I teach gospel principles. 

Then we went to the mission fireside, and it was so amazing. The spirit was so incredibly strong, and Sister Wikstrom and Sister Davis were both there! I loved seeing both of them!

Aw man. Good week. Good week.

Love, Sister Tennant

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