Thursday, May 28, 2015

What a week!

We had two great lessons with two of our investigators, who should both be on date by the end of the week! We are so excited for them!!

We have another investigator, Angie, who has been super sick the last few months. She actually speaks Spanish, so we're trying to pass her off to the Spanish missionaries, so they came with us to our lesson, and the elder was able to give her a priesthood blessing in Spanish. Even though I don't know a word of what was said, the spirit was so strong! Good things are in store for Angie.

Thursday was May 21st, 2015. It was my 1 year anniversary of going through the temple. I love the temple so much and I am so very thankful for the blessing that temples are. In the temple, our families can be sealed together forever, and so many more wonderful blessings are available! Even though I can't go while I'm out here, I can't wait to go again when I get back!

Friday morning we got a text saying we were moving! We got home from volunteering at the food bank at 1 and started packing everything up. We had to be out by that night, so we spent the whole day/night packing. They're getting rid of the apartment we lived in so every single thing had to be out and cleaned. It was so stressful. Our sister training leaders came and helped. We've pretty much just dumped everything into the new apartment till we can get it all organized. What a mess.

It has been a great week though. A wise sister once said to me "I believe in being happy." I believe in being happy! No matter what!
 Also, Abbi, a cute 8 year old we've been teaching got baptized on Saturday! Her dad isn't a member and her mom is reactivating so it was great to have the whole family there to support her!

Love, Sister Tennant

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