Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Monday we had two great lessons with members present! Productive Monday nights are the best!

Then we met our sister training leaders for exchanges! Tuesday Sister Johnson went to Thomas Lake with Sister Conner and I stayed in Arlington with Sister Wikstrom! She was here a year ago before the wards split, so part of my ward now was her old ward so it was super cool for her to be back and see some of the people again. And of course us getting to be together again was so great!

We have decided that we were friends in the premortal life which is why we get along so well! I love that we get to meet some of our best friends out here while serving the Lord!  We had a couple of incredible lessons, and we even got to share John 11:35, our favorite scripture that we shared with pretty much everyone in Everett together!

Then the exchange came to an end and we had a very tearful goodbye. It was really really sad but thank goodness we will see each other again someday! We have so many plans for post missions :)

Wednesday we worked on our new apartment again. You won't even recognize it when we're done with that thing!
Sunday was Mother's Day! I am so grateful for my mom, and not only her, but all the Mothers who have had such a great impact on my life! And I love that we get a whole day to celebrate mothers. Every day should be Mother's Day!

Skyping was perfect. It's such a blessing that we can see our families and talk to them! I am so thankful for eternal families and that we can be together forever! I hope all those missionaries out there and all the missionary families had a great day yesterday talking to loved ones!

Sister Tennant
Our last goodbye. Right before we both broke down and cried for a while

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