Wednesday, April 8, 2015

 Tulip Festival and Conference
Last Monday the Sisters and us went to the Tulip Festival in Mount Vernon! Tulips for as far as you can see! It is so beautiful, especially with the bright colors contrasting with the grey sky. Heavenly Father's creations are so wonderful and I'm so grateful we got to go see them!

Allergies hit me hard this week with a sore throat and I'm super congested, so it was hard to talk for a couple days, but we made it work! Silly allergies can't slow me down!

On Thursday, we had another sister with us for the day. Sister Rodda's companion went home so she's 3 packing with the Sister Training Leaders, and they had MLC so she came with us for the day. It was so fun! I love her so it was great having her as our third companion for the day :)

We also had a super powerful and spiritual lesson with a less active man. The rest of his family is active, and he finally agreed to meet with us. Now he's on his way back to activity! I love getting to help bring people back into the gospel and remember the testimonies they have.

Thursday night was leadership calls, and guess what. I'm training! Again. My first baby is now on her way to Brazil, and I will get a brand new missionary tomorrow!

So Friday we had trainer's training at the mission office. Sister Wikstrom is a Sister Training Leader again so she was there, along with her other trainee, Sister Ludvigson. So that was fun having all of us there together.

The highlight of the week though was General Conference!! I love hearing the words of the living prophet and apostles and other leaders of His Church. What a blessing it is to get to hear from them. I invite everyone to listen and watch on!

And Sunday after Conference, I had to say goodbye to Sister Lifferth. Her visa came and she is now on her way to preach the gospel in Brazil. She will do great things there and I am so thankful for the time I had to serve with her.

Goodbyes are hard, so thank goodness these relationships can continue on after our missions and we will see each other again someday!

I will still be in Arlington, and I am excited to meet my new companion tomorrow!

Love, Sister Tennant

Some of our Zone in between sessions of conference!

This mission is the hardest thing I have ever done. I am the most stressed I have ever been. But I am SO HAPPY all the time

Sister Ludvigson, me, Sister Lifferth, Sister Solosko

Tulip Festival in Mount Vernon!
P Day last week

Sister Ludvigson and I are training! And Sister Wikstrom is a Sister Training Leader so we all got to be at the trainer's training on Friday! Sister Wikstrom trained both of us, so it was a Momma and her two babies!

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