Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sister Wikstrom is my Sister Training Leader, and we got to go on exchanges together this week! I went to her area in Everett, and driving south, we drove right down the middle of Port Gardner, the area we served together in! It was so much fun getting to be companions again, even if only for a day. I truly have met some of my very best friends on my mission.

Wednesday was Zone Conference! Meetings with other missionaries and President and Sister Bonham are always the best and I always leave so spiritually uplifted! One of my favorite quotes with regard to being obedient: "'Why' is not a question, but a lesson learned over time." Amen to that.

And Friday was new missionary orientation! Getting to meet with all the new missionaries and trainers! What a blessing it is to get to serve with such incredible missionaries as we preach the gospel!

We had stake conference this weekend, and our Stake President talked about how If we let Satan into our homes, he will destroy our families and lives. The keyword being "If". We must protect ourselves and our families from his evil influences, and we do this by keeping the commandments. It doesn't matter what the world or even other members of the church do, in our family, we keep the commandments. It was really powerful and I invite everyone to stand up again Satan and decide now to be on Heavenly Father's side. With Heavenly Father with us, who could ever be against us?

Sister Tennant
I park where I wanna park

Sis. Hudson

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