Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Another great week!

On Tuesday we were street contacting downtown and this guy stopped and asked if we were sisters. We both turned and said "Yeah!" and he said, "Twins?" Haha wrong kind of sisters, but Sister Lifferth and I do look a lot alike!

Wednesday we were on exchanges! It was Sister Lifferth's first exchanges, so she was super nervous, but she did great! Our sister training leaders are on Whidbey Island so Sister Lifferth got to go be an islander for the day :) And I was with Sister Perkinson. I replaced her in Port Gardner and we've always been friends, so it was fun getting to serve with her! While exchanges used to be scary, they are a lot of fun now that I've done them so many times!

Friday, we got to go to a baptism! John in Armar got baptized. SIs Lawson and I taught him the first lesson one of our last days there, and the spirit was so strong so we knew great things were in store for him. The elders taught him after we left, and now he's baptized! Since I taught him last transfer, I had permission to go to his baptism, and we had an investigator there too who is now super excited for his baptism in a couple weeks. It was great to see some old friends from Armar!

And Saturday was the Women's Broadcast! Can I just say how excited I am for General Conference? Conference is the most exciting thing and I love it so much! I loved the messages all about families and how we can strengthen our families. I invite everyone to read or reread The Family: A Proclamation to the World!

Also, this week a new video called Because He Lives was released. Everyone should go watch it right now! It is super powerful and amazing!

Love, Sister Tennant
The Buttars, a cute senior couple serving here, just left for home, and it was Sister Buttars' signature to give out loaves of banana bread. Over their 18 months, she made over 3,300 loaves and gave them to everyone. This is the last bit of my last Sister Buttars bread! Thank you Sister Buttars!




Reunion with Armar! John, a guy we found one of our last nights there, got baptized this week so we got to go!
Jesse and Sister Bartsch at the Elder Oaks fireside last Saturday

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