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November 27, 2014  Thanksgiving

Weekly Update

A lot to update on since it’s been a while!

Monday the 17th was a lot of fun. We met out district and went bowling together!  I enjoy bowling and like to consider myself pretty good at it.  We played 3 games, and then back to the usual Pday stuff. Grocery shop, clean the car, email……
That morning, we woke up and decided something wonderful was going to happen.  And nothing spectacular did, but having that mindset made a world of difference.  What an impact our attitudes have!
Tuesday, holy cow we were sore! From bowling.  We decided it’s because every time you bowl, you do a lunge.  So that’s like 60 lunges with weights in hand!  It’s all on the same side though so it was really just my left let that was sore but it hurt to go up and down stairs.  Haha we got sore from bowling.
We did exchanges on Thursday!  Remember my first exchange when I was so nervous? Now they’re fun! I got to go with Sis. Slade in Silverlake (YSA), and Sis. Davis stayed here with Sis. Smith.  We did a lot of finding, and I’m grateful that I got to know Sis. Slade a little better.  It felt like I was just having a sleepover with one of my friends since we’ve known each other so long.  She told me it was one of her best exchanges of all time so that was pretty awesome!  We’re totally going to hang out and be real friends at BYU!
In Sacrament on Sunday, the meeting was all about being spiritually self-reliant.   Someone talked about how when we are not self-reliant  and are dependent on others, we are to some degree under their control, and we therefore give up our agency.  It’s an interesting concept I had never thought of before.  In Relief Society, we talked about President Monson’s “Ponder the Path of  Thy  Feet”.  It’s a good one.  You should read it.
On Tuesday the 25th we got to do service!  We volunteered at a Presbyterian  Church and helped with their weekly soup kitchen and helped provide a Thanksgiving dinner to people in need.  It was so much fun and I loved getting to help.
Wednesday was our last district meeting of the transfer and since it was the day before Thanksgiving, we just talked about all we’re thankful for.  Sister Slade and our district leader are both going home at the end of this transfer so that’s super sad. 
Theresa, one of our investigators had her baptism interview on Wednesday, and she passed so she’ll be baptized this Saturday!  We’re super excited! Theresa doesn’t have a job or anything, so all she does is sit at home and read the Book of Mormon all day.  Since the beginning of October when we met her, she’s finished the Book of Mormon once and is now in 3 Nephi again!  She loves the gospel and we love her!
And today is Thanksgiving!  So many things to be thankful for.  I tried to make a list the other day, but there are just too many.  I don’t know how I got so luck to be so greatly blessed.  So here are just a few.
-         My Family
-         The gospel and all that comes with it.
-         How the gospel has blessed my family so much
-         How I get to be a Missionary and spread this gospel so others can feel the same joy it has brought me.
-         That I get to serve in the Washington Everett Mission and all the people I have had the incredible opportunity to meet.
-         And the list goes on and on!

This morning, we went and played football with our zone.  It turned out to be a lot of fun!  I know most of the rules to football, but I’ve never actually played, so it was a good experience.  Even though it was sprinkling outside and it was muddy everywhere, we still had fun with it.
After that and we’d put ourselves back together, Sis. Smith cut my hair!  She’s a hair stylist, and my hair was in desperate  need of a trim, so we went to their apartment and she cut it.  Then it was time for dinner!  The Blackmon’s invited us over to enjoy our Thanksgiving Dinner with them.  It was good, but a little hard since it was my first Thanksgiving away from my family.  It’s okay though I love being a missionary and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Since it’s a holiday, we had to be home by 6:00, and since it’s the Thursday before transfers, leadership calls were tonight.  And the Zone Leaders called.  This time with leadership assignments…plural.  Sis Davis is going to be a trainer!  And I’m  going to be a SISTER TRAINING LEADER.  What!  I don’t know what I’m doing, I can’t be an STL!  So we’ve both spent the evening freaking out but everything will be okay!  We are going forward with  
faith!  So this means that Sis Davis will probably be training here and I’ll be transferred somewhere else.  We won’t know for sure who’s going till Monday though and where on Tuesday.  It still hasn’t hit me yet but maybe it will tomorrow when we go to leadership training.
I love you all and hope everyone is doing well!
Sister Tennant 

Washington Everett Mission in Photos

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Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner With the Blackmon's
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Bowling with the District

It's not even late....why is it dark!

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