Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Two Exchanges, Zone Meeting Instructions,
 First experience on a Bike
What a week it has been. We have been going 100 miles an hour all week long.
As Sister Training Leaders, we go on exchanges with all of the sisters we have stewardship for each transfer, and we had to do two of them this week. We exchange for 24 hours and on Tuesday, Sis Lawson went to the other area and that sister came with me to Armar.

Then we gave instruction at Zone Meeting! We taught about sharing He Is the Gift (Have you all shared it on social medias and handed out all the cards and told all your friends??) and then about exact obedience. Our mission struggles a little with obedience and we want to help increase it. We went through the missionary handbook and found all the things that are completely in our control and can therefore be perfect at and wrote up an assessment so everyone can evaluate themselves. Some missionaries were not too happy about it, but overall, the lesson went well.

Then the next day we exchanged again and I went up to Mount Vernon! It was a good day but those sisters have a car and bikes, so for a couple hours, I was on bike. Bah. It was okay but bikes are not my friend, especially when it's cold, windy, and rainy. But  then I realized this work is not about me. I am here for Heavenly Father, so it doesn't matter that I was uncomfortable.

Today was our Christmas Conference with the South half of the mission (the north was this morning) but we took a picture in between with the whole mission so I got to see Sister Wikstrom and Sister Davis again! Then we sang and watched videos and got all into the Christmas spirit!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! I love you all!

Love, Sister Tennant
 Also, Patricia got baptized!!! I love her so much. Since I taught her last transfer, I got to go to her baptism, even though it's out of my area. I gave her a big hug and she kept saying "Can you believe it finally happened, Sister Tennant?!" I always knew it would, I just didn't know when. But December 20, 2014, she was baptized!! She was glowing and I am so happy for her. Now I'll get to go to the 
temple with her in a year!

The Lights of Christmas Ward Activity

We went to an Organ concert at the church and got to meet Halden Toy. He's pretty amazing and will be famous one day!

 This was our sad Christmas tree. It's a folder with chocolate taped to it.
 But then we got this cute real one! It's totally a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, but it's my first ever real tree!

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