Thursday, December 11, 2014

First Transfer, STL, YSA Ward
 Letter from Monday Dec. 8, 2014
What a week it's been! I am now in the Armar YSA ward! It's the singles ward for the Arlington and Marysville stakes, ergo, "Armar". I am with Sister Lawson and I love her! She's been out for 15 months and is an amazing missionary. She goes home in February, and I fear I'll be the one to send her home. It'll be sad. But we're not thinking about that yet.

Friday we had leadership training and we were there all day since I was going to be a Sister Training Leader and Sis Davis was to be a trainer. It was good.

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, I taught my last lessons in Port Gardner and said my goodbyes. So sad! The rest of Monday was spent packing up all my stuff.

And Tuesday was transfers! Sis Davis and I headed down to the mission office to discover our fate. I also got to see Sister Wikstrom again! I gave her a huge hug and we stayed together during the whole transfer. And she's training again! In missionary lingo, that means I'm gonna be a sister! (She's my mom and is having another daughter, so I'll now be a big sister since my trainer is training again). I love her so much and seeing her again recharged my batteries so I can go forward and continue working hard.

So I'm now in the YSA ward. I'm pretty sure this is Heavenly Father's punishment because I never went at home. Haha but it's good. I never thought I'd say this, but I actually enjoyed the YSA ward yesterday! It was good, the area is good, I love Sister Lawson, and I'm excited about this coming transfer!

Elder Craig A. Cardon of the 70 is coming to speak to the mission today and tomorrow. He'll be with the north today, and us tomorrow, but tonight he's doing a special meeting with all the Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders so I'm super excited about that. Already I love my new assignment, and I'm excited to get to know more of the sisters a little better.

Also, we have 23 days to FLOOD THE EARTH WITH HE IS THE GIFT!! By the end of the month, every single person should hear the message of He Is the Gift. Watch the video, tell all your friends about it, share it on all your social media sites. We took the big flyer out of the Ensign and put it on the back passenger side of the car so everyone will see it when we drive by. Please share this message about Jesus Christ.

Love always,
Sister Tennant 
Saying goodbye to the Manjidrebs

Saying goodbye to (LtoR) Rose, Phoenix, Will, Anjie, Miranda. I felt so honored when Miranda told me I was like a big sister to her and she was going to miss me so much. I will miss all of them too!


New Companion Sis. Lawson!

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