Tuesday, December 16, 2014

First of all, PATRICIA IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! She's the one that moved away from Port Gardner, then moved back, then dropped us. I met her my second day in the field and I love Patricia! She's been living like a member ever since. She finally decided to get baptized, and even though I'm not in her area anymore, we still get to go to her baptism! I'm so excited!!

On Monday night, Elder Craig A. Cardon of the Seventy came and spoke to us as Sister Training Leaders and Zone Leaders. It was really special because there was only 24 of us so we each got to talk with him and we learned a lot.

Then on Tuesday, he met with the whole southern half of the mission (he met with the north Monday during the day) and we all received instruction from him. It was really good and I think his coming will really help our mission.

Thursday we went on exchanges. It's weird being the Sister Training Leader instead of on the other side. It was good though. I went to Skagit Valley and Sedro Wooley with the Spanish Sisters. Now I'm more comfortable with my new assignment as a Sister Training Leader!

Sunday I gave a talk in Sacrament and I wasn't given a topic, so I just focused on Jesus Christ and bore testimony of Him. It was good and I'm thankful for the opportunity to speak about our Savior!

Sister Lawson and I keep working hard and I'm loving working with her and serving in the YSA ward!

Sister Tennant

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