Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Week 6 Update- It's Been A Good Week!

It's been a good week!
Tuesday was my first ever exchange, which meant our sister training leaders came, and we all switched companions for 24 hours. I was terrified. I did not want Sister Wikstrom to leave. So I stayed here with Sister Sinclair and Sister Wikstrom went to Mulkiteo with Sister Lavata'i. Thankfully we had a super busy day planned and tons of appointments to go to. It was a good day, and it wasn't that I wasn't looking forward to spending time with Sis Sinclair, I just really didn't want Sis Wik to leave. But I knew there was nothing I could do to stop it from happening, so I put my faith in Heavenly Father and just put one foot in front of the other till Sis Wik and I were reunited.

On Thursday, we had our weekly planning session, which usually takes several hours, so to get out of the apartment, we went to IHOP for lunch! Nothing like eating your own weight in pancakes!

After planning, we went to see a lady named Terry. She's quite the character. She's super into personality tests, and so she started evaluating us on our natural colors. The color of your veins means this, the color of the tips of your fingernails means that, and these are the colors you should wear because they bring out your natural colors and make you look your best. Well. I had my outfit spot on, but Sis Wik was wearing this super cute blue and pink striped dress. Apparently pink is NOT her color. Terry repeatedly told her she should probably never ever wear pink ever again, and even suggested that she take the dress she was wearing to Goodwill as soon as possible. Oh man I was dying it was so funny. Only Terry could say something like that! I was laughing so hard. That was Thursday. Today is Monday. Sis Wikstrom is wearing the dress again.

Friday was Zone Conference! A couple of zones came together and it was kind of like a mini EFY, youth conference, and mission all combined into one. It was cool getting to hear from President and Sister Bonham. We read in Alma 7 and one thing I need to work on remembering is that the same Heavenly Father who called Alma to be a prophet and appeared to Joseph Smith called me to be a missionary in Everett Washington. The same one! Sometimes I forget that He knows exactly who I am and is watching out for me. My testimony has been strengthened so much the last month and a half. It's true what they say about bearing your testimony strengthens your own. I get to go around all day every day teaching people about the gospel. And I know these things are true! What a blessing this gospel is! I love it so much and I'm so thankful to have been born into this Church!

At church, we had 5 investigators there! It was a good day! At dinner, we were waiting for it to be ready, and the family had The River Flows in You on their piano. THAT IS MY SONG. So I played it. Not very well because it's been a while, but it was still fun and I enjoyed getting to play it!

Hope everyone is doing well!


Sister Tennant

**Pictures from this week didn't make it so hopefully we'll see them next week.

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