Friday, September 12, 2014

Week 7 Update from Everett - Making Room for more Sisters

Week 7 Update 

It's the last week of the transfer so everyone's wondering who all is going to be transferred! We just found out Sis Wik and I will stay here together thank goodness. I know the time will come when we're split up, but for now, we're happy just where we are. 

The other day, we also got a text saying that we'd be 4 packing with two other sisters in our apartment! So now we're scrambling to get our apartment clean and ready to have 2 more sisters move in with us, and decide exactly how we want to divide the area. It's been stressful trying to get everything organized and ready!

On Wednesday we went to the dentist so Sis Wik could get a few cavities filled. It was award when I followed her back to the room and I had to explain that we are missionaries and companions and we have to stay together. Haha oh well.

We have a new investigator named Will, and he's another one like John. He LOVES learning and reading and really has a testimony of the gospel. We are super excited about him. 

On Friday was weekly planning, so for lunch, we decided to go out and we went to this restaurant called the Sisters! How perfect. Obviously we had to go. It was good too. 

On Saturday, we went and helped this couple in the ward paint their house. Out here, the houses aren't brick, so you can just pick whatever color you want your house to be! And we got to wear not-church clothes which was fun :) Regular clothes for about an hour

Last night for dinner, we went to the Jefferson's house. They're the senior couple serving in the ward with us. They're so sweet and are leaving September 26th to go home. So we talked for a while, and Sis Jefferson gave both of us jewelry. She works for Cookie Lee and wanted to give us going away gifts. It was really sweet of her. We're going to miss them a lot. 

Since we found out the sisters were coming to live with us, and we have an extra bedroom, we decided we wanted to have a slumber party before they came! So we moved our mattresses into the room, set up our portable dvd  player, and had a movie night!  With cereal too of course.  We can only watch things produced by the Church, so it has to have the Church logo on it, so we watched the District haha. Nothing too exciting. Neither of us slept very good, but it was still fun!

Nothing super exciting has gone on this week. Just same old same old. It's good though. It's always good being a missionary!

Sister Tennant

Beautiful Sunset

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