Thursday, September 18, 2014

Week 8 Update


 Time Flies, Day of Service and Amy's Baptism

On Monday a lady in the ward gave us massages! It was glorious :)
We also had to say goodbye to Patricia. She's moving to Arlington so we won't be able to see her again unless she comes back into our area. She’s  practically already a member. She just needs to get baptized! I'm sure it'll happen one day!

On Wednesday we had zone meeting! I have officially made it through one transfer and I'm not the newest anymore! It's a great feeling. It's crazy how fast time flies! It seems like last week that I was the newb and didn't have any clue what was happening and now I'm a whole transfer in. We got new elders in our ward to split the area and we were afraid they would take our car and give it to them and we would be on bikes but they didn't HALLELUJAH. We both have cars.
On Saturday, our ward participated in the National Day of Service! We helped pull weeds in the flower beds of the elementary school next door to our church building. It was a lot of fun to help the school. We also got to wear pants which was heavenly!

We also have this girl named Amy who we're working with. She's 12 and super cute. She started the lessons with Sis Wikstrom and the sister before me. It's hard because her mom is supportive but doesn't want it herself so it's hard for Amy to have that spiritual independence when she's so young and no one else at home cares about religion. Her baptism was quite the ordeal because her mom and sister wanted to come, but they showed up an hour and a half late, after Amy had already been baptized. We waited for 45 minutes, but since they're not super reliable people, we couldn’t be sure they were coming or not. So when they did get there, she was not happy. It was just a super stressful situation. But Amy was still so happy and glowing!! Then she had the biggest smile on Sunday when she was confirmed. Amy is so sweet and we're so happy for her!          The young women love her too so she'll be well taken care of :)
We got the new sisters all moved in with us and the elders started working in their area, so it's been a good week!
Hope all is going well at home!

Love, Sister Tennant
Saying Goodbye to Patricia

Amy's Baptism Day

Making Room for New Sisters

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