Tuesday, July 14, 2015

 One Year!
I cannot believe one year has already come and gone. It's nuts. It seems like only last week I said goodbye to my family and walked into the Provo Missionary Training Center. 
What an honor and privilege it has been to serve in the Washington Everett Mission with such incredible missionaries! 
Sister Covington, Sister Wikstrom, Sister Davis, Sister Lawson, Sister Lifferth, Sister Johnson, and now Sister Howlett in Port Gardner, Armar, Arlington, and Mount Vernon. Each companion and each area will forever hold a special place in my heart!

On Tuesday we had a big mission conference for the north half of the mission. It was so good! Every time we meet with other missionaries, I am so thankful to be here! My favorite lines from the elders and sisters bearing their testimonies before going home were:
-Today is a good day, Elders and Sisters, because you and I are missionaries.
-The real hastening of the work is all those returned missionaries going home and being sealed in the temple and raising their children in righteousness. And we get to be a part of that. 

Saturday Katey got baptized! There is something so special about getting to teach children about the gospel. They are so sweet and just have the desire to follow Heavenly Father. 

Sundays continue to be crazy going back and forth between two wards, but it is a lot of fun! More opportunities to love people :)

Hope you all have a good week!
Sister Tennant

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