Friday, July 10, 2015

 Update from July 6th

Transfers! I am now in Mount Vernon 1st and 2nd (yep, covering 2 wards) with Sister Howlett. We have been stressed trying to figure out how to manage 2 wards, but it's been good so far! 

The last couple days before transfers, even though we didn't have the official text yet, we pretty much knew it was coming, so I got to say goodbye to some of my favorite people in Arlington. We even had a lesson with one of our investigators right before we headed to the mission office. Transfers are hard because you grow to love the people so much so it's hard to say goodbye. But good things are in store for them and I will love the people in Mt Vernon as well as wherever else I go. 

We've gotten to do a ton of service here, from the Bishop's storehouse to a homeless shelter to random acts for people in the wards! Service truly does soften hearts and helps everyone feel the Spirit. 

Sundays are crazy since both wards overlap so we went back and forth between meetings and wards all day. It was a mess but I'm sure as we get to know the people in both wards, things will get much better. 

Also, it has been SO HOT here. I am going to melt. 

Hope everyone has a great week!
Sister Tennant
Steven (met at the bus stop) and the Larsons!

Met my new companion, looked at her CDs, and guess who I found?! Yep the photographer is Mark Mabry and yep that is LAUREN ASHTON. Who woulda thought I'd find her face out here in the middle of Washington

We built this study table. All my furniture will be from Ikea so I can put it all together!!

God Bless America!

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