Thursday, October 9, 2014

It's Already October!

 Nerf Gun Battle, 
 General Conference Weekend!
 Building Confidence
It's been a great week! We've just been working hard, doing the missionary thing.
Can you believe it's October already?! I started my mission in July and now it's October! It's crazy how fast time flies. Already almost 3 months in!
On Thursday, we ate dinner with a family in the ward, and when we called earlier to confirm, the lady said we'd eat and that we needed to prepare for a Nerf battle. So we got there and had pizza (which was fantastic. We'd been craving it all day), and then we went downstairs and they had a line of Nerf guns all lined up in a row. Then we had a battle for like 45 minutes just shooting each other. It was so much fun! I have a new found respect and appreciation for Nerf guns! They even gave us 2 little guns to take home for ourselves. We've had some fun with them the last couple days :)
Saturday and Sunday were amazing! We woke up Saturday morning and were like "It's conference!" General Conference is like Christmas for missionaries. #LDSConf
We went to the stake center and got to watch it with all the other missionaries in our area. I love it when people mention "the missionaries". I am one of the 88 thousand missionaries! How cool is that! I love being a missionary and getting to help spread this incredible gospel.
Today (Monday) we went with the YSA sisters and toured Boeing. It was so cool! That building is HUGE. All of Disneyland in California can fit inside the building and still have 12 extra acres. It's crazy how massive the thing is. It was really cool getting to see the planes too. And see them all being put together. Cameras weren't allowed on the tour, so we didn't get any pictures, but we got one out in the lobby!
Transfers are coming up and there's a good chance Sis Wikstrom will be transferred away, (even though we certainly hope we have one more transfer together!) so I have been working on taking the lead and pretending to be the senior companion just in case. It's going well and I'm getting more confident talking to people and being a missionary, so I know that if (and when) we get separated, everything will be okay and it'll all work out. It's a good life being a missionary.

We are continuing to work hard and have fun together! I love hearing from everyone so continue to write letters and email!

Love, Sister Tennant

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