Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Everett Update October 13, 2014

It was another good week!
Last Monday, we went and toured the Boeing factory with the YSA Sisters. A lady in our ward works there and she got us tickets. It was so cool! Still blows my mind that it's so big.
Monday night we exchanged. We do exchanges every transfer and I was not nearly as nervous about this one as I was the first time. The YSA Sisters are our Sister Training Leaders so we exchanged with them. I went with Sis Smith and Sis Wikstrom stayed with Sis Slade. So I was in the YSA ward for all of Tuesday. We went college contacting at the Everett Community College, and it was terrifying just walking up to people as they were going to class, but after a little bit it got better. We also had a couple of lessons and it was really cool teaching people my age. Again, kinda scary at first, but it all turned out okay.
Thursday nights before transfers, the Zone Leaders call letting those with leadership positions know who's doing what. I was hoping and praying we wouldn't get a call because we really wanted to stay together, but the call came. Sister Wikstrom is going to be a Sister Training Leader! It was a sad night because at that point, we knew for sure we were being split up.
So then Friday morning, we had to go to leadership training. I sat out in the hall with all the other companions and everyone who had a leadership calling went and got a couple hours of training and instruction. Sis Wikstrom has never been an STL so she's nervous about it but is feeling better now that she's done the training. I know she's going to do amazing and the sisters she's over are going to love her!
Saturday morning, Malachi was baptized! He's 8 so he doesn't really count as an investigator, but we were still teaching him because he lives with his grandparents and his grandpa isn't a member and his grandma is starting to come back to church, so he hasn't been raised in the church at all. He's a sweet little boy and even made each of us rainbow loom bracelets to wear.
Later that day, we got 2 new investigators. Mike and Theresa. Mike is Theresa's son and they had started learning with other elders but then they moved into our ward! They're pretty solid so we're excited about them!
After church on Sunday and all day today have really just been going to say goodbye to people Sis Wikstrom wants. It's hard moving away. Tomorrow will be tough but I know I will love my new companion as well!
Love, Sister Tennant

We went to the Everett Arboretum last Monday

 We were teaching, and this lady's grand kids kept bringing me all of their toys one at a time and piling them on me.

Countdown to Conference!

Malachi's baptism!   

I Made a Balloon Animal!!

Boeing Tour!

Fogtober is Here!

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