Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week 2 Mission Updates - Everett, WA

Week 2
On one of the last days at the MTC, they showed a big map of the world, starting in 1830, and one at a time, a light would come on representing a new temple. It would go through each year and new temples and stakes started showing up. It was amazing watching the church grow and spread over time. I especially loved it when it hit 1984 and I could see the Dallas temple light up!
We also watched the Because of Him video that came out around Easter, and I love it. If there's one thing I want people to remember about me is that I have a testimony of Jesus Christ. He lived and died for all of us so that we can repent and return to live with Him. I know that this is His true Church and it brings me such happiness knowing that I get to share this happiness with others out here.
On Sunday at the MTC, Sheri Dew came and spoke to us! It was so powerful. She's is not afraid to tell it to you straight! I don't know if they record those talks and post them anywhere, but i encourage everyone to go find it! It was about the Priesthood and how we as women also have the power to call down miracles from Heaven. It was probably one of the highlights of the MTC for me.
Every week at the MTC, we're given topics and everyone has to write a talk for sacrament and no one knows who is giving their until right then. I had to give my talk. Bah. Oh well. It was okay. All about the Holy Ghost!

So we don't get to go to the temple here in Washington at all, but we got to go to the Provo one! Our P day was Thursday the 24th, but that's pioneer day so like everything in Utah was closed. So we got up super early Monday morning to go. We woke up at 4:30 and went to the 5:40 session. We were all fighting sleep so hard but it was so nice. I love the temple. The prayer was super cool cuz he blessed all the missionaries, specifically the ones in the session. He was talking about me! I felt it too. It was so powerful
So the first day in Washington. We woke up at 3 am and got ourselves ready and all our stuff together,cleaned the room, and headed out. Sister Covington (my MTC companion) said goodbye to Sister Winterton, our third companion who is going to Houston and got put with us when her companion went home. We went to the travel office, turned in our key and stuff  and loaded the buses. then we rolled out and headed for the airport.I got stopped by security (of course) because I forgot to empty my water bottle so I had to go all the way back through again. What a pain. I got to call home and talk to my family though so that was great! I miss them of course, but I'm not ready to see them yet. I've got work to do! When we got to the Seattle airport, President and Sister Bonham were there to meet us! We took a picture with the Bonhams and all the new missionaries and went to the mission office in Mill creek. They fed us and talked to us for a little bit. It was about 1 by the time it ended and it was so hard to keep my eyes open. 3 am felt so long ago. Then they gave us blankets and pillows and let us sleep for 3 and a half hours in the Relief Society room! It was so glorious. 

When we woke up, all the missionaries being transferred were there and after eating again and talking to them, we were assigned our companions and areas! I'm with Sister Wikstrom in Everett! I said goodbye to Sister Covington and we came to Everett. It was a long day.
So on Thursday night while we were planning, some elders called and said they had an investigator moving to our area so we needed to go meet him. They'd been teaching him and he had a baptismal date for August 30th. His name is John and we went to see him on Friday. He was almost done with the Book of Mormon and is so excited to be baptized and get the priesthood. He just needs to stop smoking. He's seriously a GOLDEN investigator.
Then we got a message about another investigator named Patricia. We gave her the 1st lesson and invited her to church.
On Saturday night, we got to go to a wedding of an investigator. That was pretty cool

So on Sunday, John and Patricia were both there and they both loved church! I loved going to the Port Gardner ward and getting to meet everyone. I'm not gonna remember everyone's name, but it was still fun. I had to say the closing prayer in Sacrament, which is not so fun, but it was okay. Since it was fast Sunday, it was a testimony meeting so the spirit was strong. John even bore his testimony on prophets and the Book of Mormon!
Sister Wikstrom and i went home and ate because we were hungry :) Then we went to this lady in our ward's house for dinner and she'd invited Patricia to come too so we ate again and taught about the Book of Mormon. A little about Patricia. She was moving here from Alaska, so she retired and came down and while she was waiting for all her stuff to get here, the movers took off with everything. All her stuff is gone. She literally just has a few changes of clothes and her dog. For some reason, she gave access to the movers to all of her money so she has nothing left. She'd been staying at the Motel Express, and as of today would be homeless. So the lady we had dinner with invited her to stay with her until she found somewhere to go. And Patricia certainly isn't going to take advantage of her, so it's amazing how generous she is. We haven't invited her to be baptized yet, but we're pretty sure it's coming. She feels the spirit so strong and already has a testimony of Christ and the Book of Mormon. She's a sweet lady

I've only been in Everett for 6 days, but I love the people here already. I'm in downtown Everett, so everyone is poor. But being so, they are all so humble and willing to listen. One of the biggest struggles people have is smoking of course. Everyone smokes. There's a good chance I'll come home with lung cancer from second hand smoke. But the people are nice and holy moly it's beautiful!
It's so good being a missionary!
Love, Sister Tennant


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