Friday, January 8, 2016

What a last couple of weeks! 

Between the mission Christmas conference, Christmas, and New Year's, we really haven't had a normal PDay until today. So over the course of the last two weeks, we have had:

Baptisms postponed
New missionary Orientation
The Lake Steven's sisters (our roommates) in a car wreck
Our car broke down
Emergency Exchanges
Armar Reunion with all previous Armar members
Out of Miles
Had to take 3 Trips to Everett (Couple more coming)
Baptism chaos
No real P Day (Which wouldn't be an issue but we hadn't been shopping in two weeks) 
5 pm Curfew on New Years Eve and New Years Day
The Lights of Christmas in Stanwood
Zone Conference- I instructed and bore my testimony. It's not a good day when it's your turn to bear your testimony at zone conference. 
Merged schedules with the Quad while our car was in the shop
The sisters accidentally locking themselves outside in the snow for half an hour while Sister Jackson and I were in the showers.

It is a good life being a missionary

Also, finally got to go to Target for the first time on my mission and use those two gift cards I've had the whole time. Literally have not had a Target in my area ever.

Love, Sister Tennant

Christmas Card Photos with the Sisters


Finally going to Target!!

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