Friday, October 23, 2015

Weekly Update     10/19/15

It was a good week!

Monday night we exchanged with our Sister Training Leaders- Hermanas Fifita and Mohr and sister Lundeen.  They’re in a 3pack since one sister went home and things got rearranged.  But I went to Bellingham with Hermana Fifita and sister Lundeen and sister Loertscher stayed here with Hermana Mohr.  It was a lot of fun being in a 3 pack for a day!  Since they’re in both the Bellingham Spanish branch and English family ward, we had some lessons In Spanish and some in English.  And just like my last Spanish exchange, I do not speak the language at all.  But it was a great day there and the sisters had a great day here!
And since we had Zone Conference in Bellingham on Wednesday, we actually exchanged for 2 nights, and switched back Wednesday morning at the conference.   That was fun.  I’d never done a 2 night exchange before.  During the conference, Sister Bonham instructed and explained how our life on Earth is so short, but the decisions we make here affect the rest of our eternity.  Just like the time we are on our missions is so short, yet it affects the rest of our lives.  So we need to make good decisions now so they are not hard later.   And she committed us to a few specific things for later in life.  Decide them now so we don’t have to make a tough choice later:
-         Choose to go to the Saturday evening adult session of Stake Conference.  And Stake Conference Weekend is not a weekend off.
-         Choose now to listen to General conference with all your heart.
-         Accept and magnify all of your callings.
President Bonham also spoke on D & C 62:3 and how those angels are not necessarily stranger angels, but our loved ones.  Our ancestors and close spirit friends.  They are proud of us and are watching over us.  And he is excited for when (in a long way down the road) he and Sister Bonham get to be angels watching over us.  I love the Bonhams!
Friday-  Happy Birthday Hermana Hansen!!
We had a lesson with Bill and he is awesome.  He is so excited for his baptism on Saturday 10/24!  He came to church yesterday and he didn’t even sit by us in Sacrament,  but by his fellow shippers.  Then when Sacrament was over, we were just standing there waiting for him to finish talking to people so we could walk with him to class, and he came up to us and said, “did you need me for something”?  We said no and he said, “okay, then I’m going to go to class.”  He doesn’t even need us anymore!  Saturday is going to be such a great day!
Today we just finished playing Settlers of Catan with our district for our Pday activity.  I lost…  No surprise there! Ha Ha Ha  I still love that game even though I never win!

Love, Sister Tennant 

PS  D& C  100:1  (insert your name where appropriate)

The Beautiful Fall Colors!

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