Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I'm an Islander now!
I am on Fidaglo Island, the city of Anacortes, and the Mount Erie ward with Sister Bird! She is great and we are loving it here!

Tuesday was crazy teaching a couple lessons in the morning, then packing up and heading south to transfers. I'd met Sister Bird once before, and she'd actually taught one of my investigators in Arlington while she was gone (in Sis Bird's last ward) for a few weeks. So we are excited to be here and excited to be together! She's only been out for 3 months but she's an amazing missionary and I'm learning a lot from her already. She got to the area 3 weeks ago cuz of an emergency transfer a handful of sisters got moved around in. So we are both practically new here and figuring it out together.

Thursday we went to this zoo thing. So it's more like an animal preserve place and it was cool we got to help clean it up. Two of our recent converts own/run it so we go every week to help out.

This ward loves missionary work and it's great! Good things are happening in the Washington Everett Mission!

Sister Tennant

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