Thursday, June 25, 2015

It was a good week!

Monday we had a lesson with our investigator Steven. He was the one we met at the bus stop. And he accepted a baptism date! We were so excited! He has such a sweet spirit so we are so happy he's making the decision to be baptized.

Our President's wife, Sister Bonham is making an exercise video for the missionaries, and we're all in it, so Tuesday was our turn to be filmed. They weren't even hard exercises, but Sis Johnson and I were sore on Wednesday. I'm definitely not as in shape as I thought I was! hahah But after that Sister Bonham took us to lunch and it was so sweet! We love seeing the Bonhams!

We're tight for miles on our car, so we decided to do a car fast and not use it at all on Thursday. We walked a ton of miles and my shoes were not great so now I have blisters all over, which isn't fun, BUT our future selves will be grateful we saved on miles!

Yesterday's church was so good! All the talks were so powerful and we had a musical number, "A Long Time Ago" a beautiful song everyone should look up! And the lessons were great too! We had an investigator who wanted to come, but our 9 am church was too early for her (she has some health problems) so we decided to go to a later ward's meetings with her. So she was going to meet us there at the church, but she never showed up. We waited till after sacrament, and when we got home, she texted us explaining what happened. Turns out there was a miscommunication and she went to the wrong building. She ended up going to the Armar YSA sacrament meeting! She seemed to enjoy it though and said a lot of young people talked about how much they loved their fathers and it was very touching. Hahah next week we'll sort out all the details so we get her to the right building!

I hope everyone has a great week!
Sister Tennant
Brother Schilaty

We were walking and started talking to this lady who gave us a part of her plant. It was really nice but we looked goofy walking home with a plant in our hands

Sister Rushton
Some of our favorites in Arlington!

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