Friday, November 6, 2015

Weekly Update Nov. 2, 2015

I am officially the oldest sister in my mission!

It is so crazy how fast time goes by and I cannot believe I only have two transfers left.  Washington has stolen my heart and I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve Heavenly Father and His children.

All in all, it was a good week! We started a 40 day fast for Missionary Work in our ward on Wednesday, and we have already seen miracles!  The work has been slow the last few weeks, so it's been great to have the ward all come together.


Wednesday -  A man names Jason went on Mormon .org and referred himself, requesting a Bible a few weeks ago.  We took one over but he wasn't home so we left it with his family.  On Wednesday we went to follow up on it, and we met Jason, gave him a Book of Mormon too, and taught him the Restoration!  And he accepted a baptism date!

Thursday-  We got a referral from our recent convert, Ursula, on the reservation for a man named Jesse.  We went to contact him and taught him the Restoration, and he wants to learn more!

Friday-   We traveled to and from Edmonds safely and got to stop in and say Hi to some of our favorite ladies at the mission office.

Saturday-  Our zone did a "car fast" where no one uses the cars at all to help us appreciate the cars more and to save miles.  So we were walking all day and it was POURING all day.  A few days earlier we'd been tracting and no one answered and we got to the last house and he wasn't home, but as we were turning to step off his porch, he drove up--awkward-, so we talk to him through the car window, introduce ourselves, give him a pamphlet, and say how it's not a good time now, but we'd like to come back and share our message sometime.  So we're partway to his house on Saturday, soaking wet, looking quite pathetic and we stop and consider if it's even worth it to knock on this man's door looking as bad as we did, but we decide to go for it anyways.  We knock, be answers and apologizes for being in his pajamas and we say, "we're soaking wet, so it's all good"! And laugh and proceed to teach him about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  And he said:  " I am definitely interested!"  Oh we were so excited!

Sunday-   We've been sharing D&C 15:6 with members and these miracles and explaining how the reason we do missionary work is because we love these people and we want to see them in the Celestial Kingdom with us - Whether they be friends, neighbors, family members, etc. And we shared it with the family who'd fasted that day, and the mom how she had this friend she's been thinking about but she really doesn't know what to say.  We gave her some ideas and even role played with her a little.  We felt just like Sister Payne and Sister Myers on one of the District videos Ha Ha Ha....It was almost the exact same situation.

Also on Saturday I turned 21 !!  Thank You everyone for the Happy Birthday Wishes!!  We had to come in early on Halloween (for safety) and weekly plans, but we got to go to sleep early, and it happened to fall on daylight savings time, so we got even more extra sleep!

Miracles are real !  The work is hastening --> No unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing!

Love, Sister Tennant

Happy Birthday Package !

Birthday Presents!

Coloring in our wonderful coloring pages - Thank You   Sis. Passantino!

Happy Light to keep our spirits up !

 A recent convert in the ward bought me flowers to celebrate the big 2-1!
Happy Birthday Cake!

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